Bluetooth connection

The most important thing, before you change the settings within the app, is that you have a stable connection between the sleep robot and your device. You also need to make sure that your sleep robot is fully charged (about four hours) before updating the Sleep Robot. As soon as the connection is successful, you can update and change the settings. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your device.
  2. Turn on the sleep robot.
  3. Keep the sleep robot and your device close together.
  4. Open the application and select the ‘Home’ tab (bottom middle screen).
  5. Press the lightning icon in the upper right corner. Your device will start searching for the sleep robot.
  6. When you see ‘SomnoxSleepRobot’ (followed by a long code) you press on it (you’ll see a check mark) and then you press ‘Connect’.
  7. The device will confirm you have a stable connection and say ‘Sweet, let’s go to the app’.
  8. Make sure the charger plug is NOT connected to the sleep robot.
  9. Go back to ‘Home’. You should now see a notification next to the lightning icon
  10. If that is NOT the case. Close the app entirely and open the application again.
  11. Connect your device again and check if you now see the notification.
  12. Press on the lightning button when you see the notification and press ‘Update
  13. When the update is running, keep the application open.
  14. You can now connect the charger plug, if the battery is not completely full.

Note: During the update, the sleep robot stops breathing and the four battery lights will burn constantly.

After the Update is finished

As soon as the update is successful, this will be indicated on your device. After the update is finished, the sleep robot turns of. The connection is interrupted (you’ll most likely see ‘error X’ in the app) and you need to turn on your sleep robot again. To check if there is a connection, just press the lightning button.

Please take a look at the following GIF’s as well

How to do the update

What you’ll see as soon as the update is successful

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