Three programmes

In the breathing settings, you can choose between three scenarios of use. For each programme, the breathing movement is tailored to you when you have paired your breathing rate.

  • If it’s night and you’re planning to sleep, go for the Sleep setting.
  • If it’s daylight and you want to take a small 25 minute nap, choose the Nap setting.
  • If you’re watching a film on the couch and you want to relax, choose the Relax setting.

Try out the Sleep Robot in different environments and see what fits best.

Breathing settings

Within the breathing settings menu, click on ‘customize this programme’. Use the sliders to adjust the breathing rate. The first slider determines how fast the Sleep Robot will start breathing. The second slider determines to which rate the Sleep Robot will slow down to.

NB. You cannot set the end rate faster than the rate it starts at, since that would break the working principle of the Sleep Robot on your body.

Adjust duration

You can also set the breathing duration of the Sleep Robot in the setting below. The Sleep Robot will automatically turn off after the duration that you have set. You can adjust the duration via the slider in the Breathing settings.

You can get an impression of the (adjusted) breathing rhythm by following the movement of the breathing preview. Breathe along with the bubble to get an impression of the rate at start or end. Adjust the speed to get an indication of differences between fast and slow breathing frequencies.

Reset the breathing rates to the recommended values for each breathing programme.

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