The best way to sleep with the Sleep Robot is in the way you feel comfortable. There is not one specific way of sleeping with the sleep robot that works for everyone. The most important thing is that you feel the breathing of the sleep robot by putting your hand on the breathing part of the robot.

Although the Sleep Robot is designed for a certain sleeping position, we recommend you to try different positions to find out what works for you. The shape of the Sleep Robot is designed to nestle like spoons in bed. Hold it against you and feel the breathing simulation against your hands.

The recommended position to sleep with the robot is on your side, holding the robot against your body.

If you’re sleeping on your back, you may notice the robot is too heavy. Try to move the robot to the side and create a position where you will still feel the breathing.

If you prefer laying on your belly, try out positions where you still feel the breathing rhythm of the robot.

NB. The breathing sensor on top of the robot is not activated yet, so it’s not needed to put the robot as close to your mouth as possible.

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