There are tons of different music genres and everyone has a different taste. Because everyone's preferences are so different, we can't provide standard sound settings along with the respiratory settings. That's why we've integrated playlists with music and sounds that, based on research, are relaxing and soothing for your ears and mind. The music we provide, designed in collaboration with Manglemoose includes meditation music, ambient sounds and cognitive shuffling.

Sound settings

To set your own music preferences, go to the sound settings within the app. To do this, first select the program you want to use via the 'Home' tab. Then you can turn on soothing sounds and select and save the sounds of your preference. You can also set the duration of how long you want to play the music.

Create your own playlist

It is also possible to add your own music. You can use the instruction below to help you step by step. 

  1. Remove the microSD card from the Sleep Robot.
  2. Put the SD card in your computer or laptop or SD card holder which you can connect to your computer or laptop. 
  3. Search for the folder 'USER' via SOMNOX/MUSIC/USER.
  4. Add your own sounds to the 'USER' folder. Note! Make sure they are mp3 files and that each name does not consist of more than 70 characters.
  5. Put your SD card back in your Sleep Robot.
  6. Switch on your Sleep Robot robot.
  7. Connect your device to your Sleep Robot via the mobile application.
  8. Use the 'Home' tab to select a program and go to the list of soothing sounds. 
  9. Scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the list and press the 'Synchronize SD-card' button.
  10. Your own sounds will now be added to the list. 
  11. Select your own sounds, press 'Done' and 'Save' and listen to your own sounds on your Sleep Robot. 

Turning off music

If you want to turn off the soothing sounds, you can easily turn sounds on and off in the app. Select a program and use the slider to switch off soothing sounds. Then press 'Save'.

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