Three programs

Via the 'Home' tab in the app you can choose between three programs, Sleeping, Napping and Relaxing. Each program can be set up separately.

When it's evening and you plan to go to sleep, choose 'Sleeping'.
If you want to do a powernap of about 25 minutes during the day, choose 'Napping'.
If you are watching a movie on the couch or just want to relax, choose 'Relaxing'.
Try the Sleep Robot in different environments and see what suits you best.

Sound settings and duration of the breathing

In the menu, click on the 'Home' tab, choose the program you want to use the Sleep Robot for and then press 'Select'. Use the first slider to adjust the duration of breathing. Then choose whether to enable soothing sounds. Below you can go to the list of soothing sounds. Select the sounds according to your preference. A check mark will appear after each selected sound. Then press 'Done'. The second slider determines the time the sounds are played. Once you have adjusted everything, press 'Save'. 

Please note! To check if the settings are saved on the Sleep Robot, there are two things you can look out for. First, a check mark will appear on your screen in the app after each adjustment. Secondly, after each saved setting, the 4 lights of the battery indicators all light up briefly at the same time. 

Adjusting your breathing

In the app, via the 'Breathing' tab, you can choose the breathing settings of the Sleep Robot. You can choose to set the Sleep Robot manually. You can use the slider to select a start frequency and a end frequency. The Sleep Robot slowly decreases to this frequency. If you find it difficult to determine which breathing frequency suits you best, you can scroll down and use the example to help you. In this way you breathe along with the circle to determine which frequency feels good. You can also choose to select synchronized breathing (Adaptive Breathing). So you don't have to set a breathing frequency because the Sleep Robot will adjust itself to your breathing rhythm.

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